Vilmo Gibello.

" I'm always searching for the divine... "

Born in Northern Italy, Vilmo Gibello studied in Rome, Paris and Vienna
and had his first one man exhibition in Geneva in 1948.

It is with great sadness I must announce the passing of Maestro Vilmo Gibello on the 17 September 2013 at 3:20 am. He passed peacefully as we held hands while I recited the Lords Prayer, with our faithful dog Zorro beside us. He now rests beside his beloved Mama in his home town, reunited at last.

We have lost the brightest of lights, but as he said " I will live on through my work ".
Illustrio Maestro Vilmo Pietro Gibello, 23 November 1916 to 17 September 2013.
By his partner and assistant for over 25 years, Raymond Wilkins.

All remaining works by the Maestro Vilmo Gibello currently owned by his partner and carer of 26 years, Mr Ray Wilkins, are to be disposed of with all proceeds donated to the Headway (Cardiff and South East Wales) charity, in line with Vilmos wishes. More information to be announced here shortly. If you are an interested buyer or collector, please contact us.
Lazarus by Vilmo Gibello.
Enigma by Vilmo Gibello.
Homage to Venice by Vilmo Gibello.
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