Vilmo Gibello.


" The necessity of liberation is the transcendental painting of Gibello, which is full of dream and visionary sacredness. A type of painting typically symbolist, full of " good novellas " , immersed in " kerygma " of humanity that leads to the birth of a new reality. Observing his paintings, it is possible to note both sweetness and plasticity, that induce the thought, the reflection and internal mysticism. His works transmit the spiritual side of a " Man ", who has an essential reference in the Cross."
Prof. Gabriel M. Dionisi - ( Univerista Degli Studi di Roma " La Sapienza ". )

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" Happy Birthday Vilmo ! "
Pope John Paul II

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" The warm colours, the fabulous meaning and the deep spirituality the express take our heart, that would like to welcome such treasure with a suitable comprehension and sensibility. "
Prof.ssa Marinella Andreoti - ( Secretary General LUMSA )

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" Using a rich yet finely nuanced palette Gibello creates glorious symphonies of colour which soar and uplift the spirit just like the great music Gibello himself so loves to listen whilst working. What differentiates the ordinary painter to the exceptional painter is not technique but visual imagination.very few artists have this in measure, in my opinion, but Gibello has this wonderful and rare gift. "
Toni de Bromhead - ( Documentary Filmmaker )

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