Vilmo Gibello.

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" The work of Master Vilmo Gibello is a balanced and animated emotional impact; in line with the great masterpieces of colours and techniques. The short brush strokes, like arrows, give to his work dynamism and tri-dimensionality. His art is strictly related to his personality.

Through the effect of the figurative elements it is possible, to appreciate a clean contrast between the form, that could be qualified of a mystical lyricism , and the clear density of the vision. The brightness, the freshness of the whole and the symbolic allusion, are harmonized. A happy mixture of colours and lines, a deep and transcendent theme transmitted through language, temperament and magic technique to the service of art and aesthetics... An extraordinary humanity and sensibility, a frequent condition in the genius. "
Prof. Emilio Lastrucci - ( Universita degli Studi della Basilicata )

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" The painting will be placed at the centre of the University Press Office. Let me express again my sincere admiration for your masterpieces, that through art offer an extremely clear message ; strong and always present - of the reality of human existence assumed and restored by Christs love. "
Prof. Giuseppe Dalla Torre - ( LUMSA )

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" In the years of 1980 - 1981 Mr. Vilmo Gibello has designed for free our church in Desloch with paintings and glasspaintings. The paintings are very famous in our region. There are often groups from outside who visit and admire our church and the paintings and glasspaintings of Mr. Vilmo Gibello. The church inclusive of the paintings are under the protection of historical monuments. "
Rainer Bauhaus - ( Priest, Parish of Jeckenbach )

" With special thanks to my very dear friends Carlo & Emanuella Sbrana, for my introduction to the Vatican "
Vilmo Gibello

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